Kidz in Locomotion is one of the leading enrichment programs in Colorado.

We bring innovative movement classes to before and after-school programs and we also offer a variety of summer camps in the surrounding area.

Our mission is to empower children through movement. We believe that it is imperative to teach children functional movement at a young age with focus on mobility and how to move safely and efficiently. What makes Kidz in Locomotion stand out amongst the other programs is our revolutionary curriculum developed by former FSU cheerleader Jocelyn Sousa.

Our curriculum is based on four main principles.

  • Here at Kidz in Locomotion, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide classes that encourage active and creative minds. Through our team building games and activities we help to promote self confidence and a sense of compassion for others. Our students leave class as confident, self aware, and compassionate individuals who are equipped to handle life's challenges.
  • Our PROMISE is to offer a safe, non-competitive environment in which each child is challenged to their specific ability. At Kidz in Locomotion, we believe in giving EVERY child a chance to shine by finding their strengths and highlighting them! 
  • Not only do we provide classes that inspire children to access their creativity and to be enthusiastic about movement, but we also value a healthy holistic lifestyle and we aim to give parents tools to make this lifestyle accessible in our busy world.
  •  We truly value our Colorado community and do our best to give back in anyway we can through fundraisers and scholarships. We believe in teaching our students about the gift of giving and how our actions can make a big difference in the world.